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Sturdy and mean, like a goat.

We find Jake undercover. Hair styles have been adjusted.




i want someone who’s never seen b99 to explain this screencap


is this live action cowboy bebop


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BFF Wall, 56”x48”, acrylic on canvas, 2014

Artist: Elizabeth Hildick 

(that’s me, your humble bloggess)

In honor of the start of Bedtime Stories, I’ve decided to publish my Tim and Eric painting.

I finished this giant thing awhile ago, but it was too big to photograph properly. I finally gave in and decided to just snap some pictures with my phone. The quality isn’t great but you can get the idea. Click to embiggen.

Finally publishing this

this is serious

Homecoming King and Queen Tim Heidecker

Homecoming King and Queen Tim Heidecker

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Album Art
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#35: Wacky Uncle Wally and Walt Wordington Waltz Wonderfully

This week’s episode begins as all episodes should: With ear-splitting air horde and great new deals to help you make unwanted, dead loved ones vanish in a puff of smoke! Then we’ll check in with the soothing-voiced Walt Wordington to learn where some words come from, and nothing else will happen. That is, unless you’re menstruating or want a really cold, filling enema. Also, please stop asking us about the non-existent fraternal organization The Sons of Ra but please do leave us voicemails.

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Get those corpses ready to explode, it’s another Brine Weekly!

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cutest winters/nixon moments requested by sad—doc

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finally, a park for side-by-sides

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