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Sturdy and mean, like a goat.

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When I first drew Mathilda I only realized she was supposed to have red stripes on her shorts after I had already posted the artwork up. So here is the updated version, with both Leon and Mathilda together!

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Steal Her Style: Jan Skylar

Miu Miu cropped cotton trousers ($595)

J. Crew crepe blouse ($110)

Clarins coral lipstick ($31)

Chanel Vintage Boxy woven jacket ($4,163)

Maison Martin Line 8 glasses ($456)

I need to find that fab wedding dress Jan wears in the live show

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Album Art


#37: 1-800-DEAD-MOM

Blowtember continues with a special announcement from the Explodin’ Corpse Celebration Hut. Also: Dusty McClavin gets some interesting news from his tree-removal service, a businessman has a change of heart, a useful new telephone service is announced, and Father and Son return to the Fight once again.

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Why is there spaghetti here? (x)

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ridged chips

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