Makes gifs and draws sometimes.

Midwest correspondent for Brine Weekly. Dedicated to building Gooby's personal brand. Night Manager/Webmaster at Dads Inn. Definitely not a member of The Sons of Ra. Does tweets.

Sturdy and mean, like a goat.

like, if I have to sit through one boring-ass white boy coming-of-age story set in the ’80s I’m going to cut out my eyes

AU where Nirvana is actually good music

making some adobo shredded beef boooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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welcome to Sunday, pals

I’m gonna go buy some luggage

take it from me: having a salaried job is totally worth it

cheaper apartment + just got my first raise = Cathy Goes on a Furniture Buying Spree

I’m moving from my swank-ass giant-bathroom apartment to a cheaper 2-bed, 2-very-small-bath apartment this month and I know for real I’m gonna need to buy a vanity. So putting this here for vanity inspo.


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