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Alright, so this isn’t that worked out, but this is a true story. One time I said to a guy, uh that I love learning new things. I was like, ‘I’m a bit of an infomaniac.’ And he thought I said nymphomaniac. So he fucked me. And I said, ‘no no no, I like info. I’m an INFOmaniac.’ He said, ‘here’s some info: you just got fucked. Clean yourself up.’
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#32: Intrigue Hour

Things take a turn this week as your lover envelops you in her damp, stained leather sheets, some disturbing truths about Ghostbusters are revealed, and the cosmic forces vying for Dusty McClavin’s soul really get serious. Hope you’ve tied your shoes securely.

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In case you need any more convincing that the blow job sequence from Ghostbusters is part of an elaborate Illuminati conspiracy

today it’s a Cute Boys Making Play-Fight Sound Effects day

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not a Jackie Chan blog, but wow

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